A smart solution towards

Innovative and collaborative solutions recycling, reusing and reducing.
Last-mile recycling services that take you to the finish line.

What we do

GreenME is building a stronger, circular economy by taking recycling, reducing and reusing to the next level.

Through strategic partnerships we have crafted multiple cross-sector solutions that allow us to provide a full range of environmentally sustainable services.

Our business model reduces emissions footprint, saves energy, and reduces operating costs while empowering enterprises to improve their environmental responsibility.

Every year 50+ million tonnes of e-waste is generated globally

A small percentage is properly recycled

*World Economic Forum

How we do it

Last-mile recycling

  • A full-service partner for all your recycling needs

  • Solutions to drastically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills

  • Locally operated service providers

Factoryless facility

  • Secure contracts and partnerships with established, government licensed and certified facilities

  • We don’t waste precious resources to reinvent the wheel – we make it work smarter

R&D partnerships

  • Collaborating and consulting with startups to identify sustainable solutions for environmentally smart products

  • GreenME supports and connects businesses focused on creating renewable, reusable and recyclable solutions for interested customers and investors

GreenME services & products



Sheri R. Amiri

CEO at GreenME Recycling

“ My passion and purpose is to create an environmentally conscious lifestyle and GreenME delivers on that promise.

Our carefully crafted cross sector business model, featuring innovative and collaborative solutions, empowers the circular economy that is crucial for the future of environmental sustainability. “

Advisory Board Members

Faraj Aalaei

Founding General Partner
at Candou Ventures

Diane Vanasse

Senior Director of Marketing Communications and PR at Credo Technology Group

Robert Bagheri

Founder and CEO
at Sakuu Corporation

Hilda Tourians

Senior Account Executive
at Gartner Inc.

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