GreenME Recycling, a passionate and honest company, is committed to building a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle by providing an end-to-end recycling solution.



GreenME Recycling Group LLC (dba GreenME Recycling) headquarter is based in San Jose, California. The company provides wide range of IT Asset Management and recycling services nationwide to commercial and industrial residential customers.

Our passion and purpose is to help our planet by living and creating an environmentally conscious lifestyle. In order to be a part of the solution, we decided to start a company that can contribute to this vital cause.

Combining our passion with over 25 years of experience in the Metals and Electronics Recycling industry, we at GeenME provide environmentally affordable, secure, and highly professional services to our clients.

We collect, transport, sort, and process everything into its raw components, ready for recycling or reuse.

Please contact us by e-mail contact@greenmerecycling.com or phone at 408-499-9692. Or, simply fill out our inquiry form on the Contact page, and we will reach out to you promptly.